SOAPHUB Proxy Service

SOAPHUB, for now, offers a free proxy service that allow people to access a machine that is not available directly on the internet (e.g. it is behind a firewall). Simply download the jar file below and run the proxy program on the machine hosting your service, telling it which port number on you'd like people to use to access your machine and what port number (if different) you'd like the proxy to send the incoming requests to.

For example, to route request from (meaning on port 2500) to the Tomcat (port 8080) running on my laptop, I would run:

    java -jar proxyClient.jar -m2500:8080

The -m option's format is:


   "ListenPort" is the port # on you'd like to have a listener running
   "TargetPort" is the port # on your local machine to route the requests to - assuming its different from "ListenPort"
   "TargetHost" is the host to route the requsts to if its not the current machine. Normally, you would not need to specify a "targetHost"

You can also specify the -m option more than once if you'd like to route more than one port.

Ports 2001 through 2999 are available for use. If someone else is already using the port number you requested then you'll be rejected and you'll get an error message - just pick another one. At some point I'll have a page telling you which port numbers are available.


Mainly because I was bored one night, but also because people might find this useful for interop testing purposes if they can't move their testing server outside of the firewall for external people to hit it.


Nothing about this is secure! It doesn't use TLS or SSL or any other secure protocol. Everything is sent in the clear so only use it for testing purposing and nothing mission critical. Use at your own risk. However, you can tunnel TLS/SSL requests over it - the proxy service will just forward whatever it sees.


If you need help or find a bug please send an email to:

You can download the jar file here.